Stephen J. Schoenthaler, Ph.D.

Dr. Schoenthaler is a professor of Criminal Justice at California State University, Stanislaus. He has been researching the effects of nutrition on cognition, behavior and intelligence for over 30 years. He has numerous publications and presentations in the field, and serves as an expert witness in criminal trials.

Ian D. Bier, N.D., Ph.D.

Dr. Bier is a Naturopathic Physician and has a Doctorate of Human Services. Dr. Bier has been actively involved in funded research over the last 15 years, with successful national and international industry, and government research grants. He is the author of papers and book chapters on various subjects ranging from the physical chemistry of Oil-Spill Dispersants, to the effects of nutrition on behavior. He has also served as a grant reviewer for the United States National Institutes of Health. He currently is in full-time clinical practice using nutritional therapies at Human Nature Natural Health.